Maintaining the Status Quo

Blog, April 20, 2020

It’s been a little over a month now since workplaces shifted from in-person to online. Many have described social distancing and work from home, awkward meetings over Zoom and video happy-hours as a part of everyday life. But now that the dust is beginning to settle, we’re thinking ahead to... Read More »

On the Road Again

Blog, March 27, 2020

Right now, as we hunker down, get used to staying inside, and wait until we can get on the road again, we are looking for better ways to work and connect.  Working remotely, or with a slim crew, can be challenging as we are physically isolated from the outside world.... Read More »

Does my e-mail sound too mean? Too excited?

Blog, May 06, 2019

While researching post topics today, I came across a “meme” on Instagram that piqued my interest.  It depicted a flow chart describing the worries one might go through when composing an E-Mail. In the first step on the flow-chart, the author inserts an exclamation point.  Upon reflection, the author then... Read More »

Cybersecurity Hotsheet – Best Tips and Practices

Blog, October 04, 2018

No matter how secure you think your files and servers are, everyone can be prone to a cyberattack—anyone can be a victim. October marks Cybersecurity Month, so what better time to share some tips and tricks for avoiding such an attack on your business or personal files and data: BEST... Read More »

Three Reasons to Outsource Your Managed IT Services

Blog, News, August 21, 2018

Businesses rely heavily on technology for day-to-day tasks and to ensure an organization’s success. Whether through an internal or external team, companies must make sure they have the right individuals in place who can troubleshoot, repair and manage IT functions. While some companies choose to manage these processes in-house, here... Read More »

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Business Tech Support?

Blog, News, July 31, 2018

Everyday we use computers, servers and networks to run our businesses, but when something goes awry with technology, can you rely on your business tech support team to provide solutions to these issues? From system errors to software problems, the user wants things solved quickly and efficiently. Therefore, your business... Read More »

Be Social Media Vigilant During Holidays

Blog, Memphis Daily News, News, December 02, 2016

As you plan to spend the holidays with your loved ones and document these memories for social media, it’s important to be aware of the potential cybersecurity risks you might face.

To Update or Not to Update?

Blog, Memphis Daily News, News, September 29, 2016

At some point, most of us have felt the need to be up-to-date with the newest technology. Smartphone makers and software developers alike pressure us regularly to download updates for an app’s latest version or enhanced security.

Lessons Learned from Delta’s Power Outage

Blog, Memphis Daily News, News, August 24, 2016

Recently, tens of thousands of Delta Air Lines passengers worldwide were stranded as a result of a power outage within the company’s computer system. When the Delta Technology Command Center in Atlanta lost power, the critical systems and network equipment failed to switch over to a backup system.

Tamburrino: ‘Have a Strategy Every Year’

Blog, Memphis Daily News, News, August 05, 2016

By 2008, Patrick Tamburrino had put together a respectable corporate career in information technology in Memphis.