If it doesn’t make your life simpler, it’s not the right technology.

Tamburrino works with a variety of clients in the nonprofit, creative, medical, educational, religious and real estate sectors across Tennessee and the Southeast.

Our process is in itself is a managed service, dedicated to properly assessing your current technology resources and formulating a custom-built plan that encompasses infrastructure, strategy and support. Once you’re set up, we’ll work with you to determine the best ways to leverage best-known-methods through professional services and technology consulting. That way, your team can be best equipped to use technology safely and proficiently in their day-to-day job functions.

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Tamburrino follows a process designed to reveal sensible information technology solutions that are customized to your business’ specific circumstances.

We begin by conducting a detailed assessment of existing information technology resources and of your individual business requirements. Once we have acquired an in-depth understanding of your IT assets, systems and needs, we formulate practical steps to efficiently align your technology resources to your business strategy.



The Tamburrino technology strategy process is, in itself, a highly valuable service. We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your business’ relevant dynamics, goals and existing resources. And you end up with a customized plan to construct your company’s ideal information technology system.

Your technology strategy will give you the clarity and control you need to make confident IT decisions and get back to the business of your business.



Our goal is always to maximize the allocation of your current resources, though frequently it is necessary to secure some amount of new hardware or software to fully implement your customized strategy.

Rest assured that Tamburrino has the resources and knowledge to negotiate best pricing for any procurement need. And when it comes to existing inventory, we strive to reuse, recycle, and reincorporate IT assets into areas of your business where they may play a more beneficial role.



We will see your technology strategy through successful implementation (and beyond, through ongoing support, user training, and maintenance services).

Customization services assure that each element of hardware and software is specifically set up to work optimally in support of both your business strategies and systems with the following features:

  • Integration and customization of hardware and software solutions
  • Desktop and server performance optimization
  • Platform Integration – We not only make operating systems (like Mac, PC, ChromeOS, and mobile) work better, we make them work better together
  • Tailored maintenance plans

Once your technology system is in place, Tamburrino will make sure that your staff has the training and productivity tools it needs to make that system work for you.

User Integration and Training:

  • Custom hardware, software, and digital training
  • Training for Google Apps, digital communications, and Cloud services

Performance and Productivity:

  • Google Apps implementation – Tamburrino is currently the only Memphis-based company authorized to implement Google Apps
  • Cloud and other web-based implementation for business solutions (including CRM, event management, etc.)
  • Website development and eNews services


Tamburrino support services are here to solve the technology problems that slow your organization down – whether you’re dealing with a virus, slow performance, or just a glitch you can’t seem to fix. Systems support generally falls under the categories of maintenance and security. Since these areas are often interconnected, they require integrated solutions.

Maintenance services keep all hardware and software up to date, configured properly, and running efficiently. Eliminating malware and viruses is considered a function of routine maintenance – though these problems also represent a potential security threat to your network and data. Security services center on eliminating all vulnerabilities in your network. This means actively detecting and repairing any kind of intrusion – and taking steps to prevent future attacks.


Tamburrino focuses on managing your technology resources in a way that matches your mission.

We evaluate your business and technology systems in-person and on-site, so that we can fully understand the unique dynamics at play. This allows us to work together with you as a team, viewing your company’s needs through the lens of our expertise.

Technology should be integrated into your business, not the other way around. We will present practical options and recommendations in simple, non-technical terms – fully equipping you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make confident decisions that support your business objectives.

Please call 901-489-8408 or email for simple, smart, economical technology solutions that put you back in control of your information.