Maintaining the Status Quo


When restrictions are lifted and we can work in closer proximity again, how will things be different? What steps can we take now to prepare for that second shift – the shift back to working from our offices, rather than our kitchen tables?

We have a few suggestions that will make the transition as seamless as possible, minimizing disruptions and maintaining continuity for your business.

  1. Remember your work computer is for work (and remind your employees!)
    It may be tempting to use that handy gadget hanging out on your table not for just work, but also personal entertainment and activities. But keep in mind that even though it is in your house, your work laptop, tablet, etc. is a piece of property owned by your company and is not guaranteed to be private to you. Be mindful of what content you engage with on that device to prevent security breaches (or embarrassment) from coming back to bite you later.
  2. Maintain normal workflow and back-ups
    Keep the everyday rhythms of your business, even if that looks a little different these days. If you have tasks that take place weekly, monthly, or daily, make an effort to keep those things on schedule by setting reminders and keeping a task list.
    Be sure to include things like transferring files from your remote computer to your server, updates to your programs, and maintaining regular backups as a part of that rhythm.
  3. Be ready for a blended work environment
    As things get back to more in-person opportunities, remember that some industries may come back sooner or differently than others. You will want to stay armed with a variety of communication and meeting options for your customers – whether they prefer face to face, phone call, video chat, email, or even instant messaging to get their questions answered or needs resolved.
    Now is a great time to invest in and test out additional options, planning to maintain them even after distancing is over to reach your audience in the method they prefer.
  4. Keep your new systems integrated
    With so many business elements moving to an online model, you have probably upped your game in relation to your phone systems, conferencing solutions, and remote server access. Make sure you have a long term plan in place to keep these systems integrated and make it a priority to put remote working in your technology plan. This is an opportunity to elevate your business, not just go back to the status quo.

This shift may have exposed some weak spots in your technology systems – we are happy to help you solve those previously undiscovered problems and make sure you are armed with great solutions to keep the work going, no matter where you are.